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Google Web Designer creates animated 3-D HTML5 ads in minutes, for free


Delta Air Lines chooses the Surface 2 as its go-to tablet for pilots

Robot Takes Rubik’s Cube from Jumbled to Solved in One Second

Originally posted on Tech:
The robot in the above video leverages the miracle of computing to analyze a jumbled up Rubik’s cube and then solve it in less than a second. The initial analysis of the cube takes longer than a second, though. I realize you must be disappointed after having clicked your way here…

John McAfee’s plan to build a million tiny darknets to foil the NSA and give college students free music

Bill Gates helps Varentec raise $8M to run the decentralized power grid of the future

This bit goes there: VW and Metaio show off what AR can do for car service technicians

Originally posted on Gigaom:
The German augmented reality company Metaio has had a few high-profile demonstrations of its technology recently, notably Ikea’s new catalog app, which lets you superimpose furniture over a view of your living room. Well, here’s another one. Following hot on the heels of Audi’s new Metaio-enabled car manual app, here’s a…

Google Glass just picked paint colors for me, thanks to the Color Snap app

Originally posted on Gigaom:
Sherwin-Williams brought its ColorSnap software to Google Glass(s goog) on Monday, letting Glass users snap a picture for color inspiration. The software, developed by Resource, quickly matches paint colors with colors from a picture using Google’s wearable computer. How quickly? I tested it out and got solid color recommendations of Sherwin-Williams…