This bit goes there: VW and Metaio show off what AR can do for car service technicians


The German augmented reality company Metaio has had a few high-profile demonstrations of its technology recently, notably Ikea’s new catalog app, which lets you superimpose furniture over a view of your living room.

Well, here’s another one. Following hot on the heels of Audi’s new Metaio-enabled car manual app, here’s a demo of Mobile Augmented Reality Technical Assistance (MARTA), an app that’s designed to help service technicians muck about with Volkswagen’s new 2014 XL1 concept car:

As you can see, MARTA shows technicians what each component is, while displaying 3D animations that demonstrate maintenance instructions. All XL1 service stations across Europe will use it.

I love this stuff, mainly because I was getting a bit worried that augmented reality (AR) was doomed to be little more than a marketing gimmick – think magazine ads that “come to life” when (for reasons unknown) you wave your phone over them…

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